I love spending my free time in nature, and I want to use my photographs to show people around me what I see and how I see it. I would be happy to teach people to see the beauty, diversity, and fragility of the natural world and all the creatures that inhabit it without exception.

I don’t know how to sell my photographs. I don’t give workshops, lectures, or courses. Sales and Teaching are also art forms, but I don’t possess them. I don’t participate in contests and I don’t apply for grants. They are looking for a winner among photographers with a unique vision, who caught the best moment in an inaccessible place, etc. My shots are often taken near my home and their task is to show what anyone can see if, of course, they look. I see my task as teaching people to see and appreciate the amazing world around us. If humanity sees the beauty of a simple sparrow, lizard, or spider… realizes its responsibility for the world it lives in, then of course it will take care of blue whales and Bengal tigers as well.

I am happy to see how my photographs are being used. They are used by people and organizations involved in the protection and study of wildlife, websites of reserves and national parks, publishers of nature literature, the scientific and research world… Such users usually have limited budgets, and I am happy to help them.

If you like what I do and want to support me, I would be very grateful. Your donations will help me continue to create and share my photos by covering the costs of photography equipment, travel, etc.

Thank you for your support!