My name is Daniil,
i’m based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia… Berlin, Germany
This site I give away my photos and my little experience in creating them for free, but
…if desired, some of my photos can be bought on micro-stocks – stock.adobe or 500px

Also you can use my photos as screensaver in your TV and other smart devises. Just join for album in Goole Photos:
bit.ly/dkomov_16x9 – (3840×2160)
bit.ly/dkomov_21x9 – (5120×2160)
bit.ly/dkomov_32x9 – (5120×1440)

You can contact me by email: dkomov in gmail or find somehere
behance.net    flickr.com  habrahabr.ru  lastfm.ru  leprosorium.ru  family tree  vimeo.com  youtube.com  coub.com/dkomovru  pinterest  500px.com  instagram.com/dkomov  unsplash  spotify

Of course, I would be grateful for one-time or regular donations to support my work.

You are free to use them in whichever way you want.